Castr's All in One livestream HTML5 player comes with a built-in chat box. With this widget, your viewers can chat and interact directly with you through the stream player.

If you're looking for guide on how to use Chat overlay for multistreaming on social platforms, check it here.

How to turn on Chat Box for livestreaming

  1. In your All in One Stream dashboard, go to the Video Settings tab

  2. Toggle ON the chat feature

You can clear old messages from previous streams in the Video Settings Page by clicking the Clear Messages button.

3. Once the chat is enabled, you can find the chat box on the right of your stream playback 

How to use Livestream Chat Box

For your users, they can start commenting using the Guest mode or their Facebook account.

Here are what you can your viewers can make use of the chat widget:

  • Viewers can tag by clicking on the name of each other

  • Viewers can link a website to their account

  • The chat box can be opened in a separate window

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