We received a lot of requests on the ability to auto-record and auto-save your livestreams. With the Live to VOD feature, you'll be able to accomplish these tasks.

How to Use the Live to VOD Feature

To use this feature, you must subscribe to Castr’s All in One plan.

Step 1: Create an All in One project. How to start a Castr livestream

Step 2: After you’ve ended your stream, Castr will automatically generate a temporary recorded file and save it in the Live to VOD tab for three days.

Step 3: Under the Temporary Files section, you’ll see your recording files list:

  • Click Save as VOD to save the recording. You can choose to save the whole video or a section of it.

  • Click the Eye icon to preview your recording.

  • Click the Download icon to save your recording as an .mp4 file.
    Note: Your recording is available for download in three days after it is created.

Step 4: Once you’ve saved your temporary files as VOD files, you’ll see it under the VOD (Video On Demand) dropdown section.

  • Click Embed Link to get the Embed URL or iFrame snippet for each VOD file
    Note: You can only rename the permanent VOD files on Castr.

  • You may also download or delete the VOD files from the list with the download and delete buttons

What Does Live to VOD Do?

  • Auto-record your livestreams. No need to manually turn on or off the recording mode. Maximum recording time: 96 hours.

  • Auto-save your livestreams as VOD files in the Castr dashboard (stored in the cloud for three days)

  • Save the whole or a selected part of your livestream

  • Get the embed URL and iFrame snippet to host videos on a website

  • Download the VOD files to your local device as .mp4 files

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