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  1. What is the Alert feature?

  2. How to set up an Alert for a stream

  3. What subscription plan has the Alert feature

  4. Limitations of the Alert feature

What is the Alert Feature?

The Alert feature is useful when you want to stay updated on your stream status. If your stream is down for any reason (network issue, encoder issue, etc.), Castr will immediately send you a warning message to your selected phone number.

How to Set Up Alert for a stream

To enable Alert for a stream, you need to navigate to the Alert tab of that stream and toggle on the feature:

To edit your phone number, you can navigate to your Account tab and edit the phone number from there:

What subscription plan has Alert?

The Alert feature is available for the following subscriptions plans:

  • All-in-One Plus & above

  • Multistream Premium & above

Check out our pricing table for more information.

Limitations of the Alert feature

The Alert feature has the following limits:

  • Each month on an eligible subscription plan, you can receive up to 20 alert messages.

  • Each Castr account can only set up one phone number to receive alert messages.

If you want to increase the limit, contact us at [email protected] or send us a direct message via chatbox (bottom right corner) for a quote.

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