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  4. Managing member accounts in Castr Team

What is Castr Team?

The Team feature lets you invite your team members and assign them a role. Together, you and other team members can view and manage your streams and videos on Castr.

Roles and Permissions in Castr Team

There are three different roles in Team:

  • Owner: The owner of the account. The team owner has full permissions to perform all actions in their account.

  • Admin: Invited by the owner. Admins have full permissions for streaming and managing platforms as well as billing. They however cannot invite members or enable/disable/edit role for members.

  • Moderator: Invited by the owner. Moderators have customized permissions set by the owner or admins.

Permissions in a team:

Only Moderators have customizable permissions. All Admins and Owner have full permissions to the Livestream, Pre-recorded Stream, Video Hosting, and other features like Paywall, Billing, Developers, and Sub accounts.

See the full list of permissions in the image below:

Create Your Team, Invite Members, and Start Streaming Together

  1. Start creating a new team by going to your Account Settings in the top right corner > Team > click Create Team.

  2. Pick a name for your new team and Save.

  3. Invite a team member.

  4. Enter the Name and Email Address and select the Role of the new team member. When you invite a new member to your team, you can set their role right away.

  5. The invited team member will receive an invitation to join your team.

  6. Your team is all set for streaming together.

Note: If an account is added to more than one team, they can switch between teams in the top bar.

Managing Member Accounts in Castr Team

In the team view, the owner can enable/disable a team member's function or change their role in the team.

The team owner can also permanently remove a member in the same settings.

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