Setting Up YouTube for Livestreaming with Castr

  1. Create a Livestream or a Pre-recorded stream on Castr

  2. In the Dashboard, click Add Platform and choose YouTube

  3. You have two options for adding YouTube platform: Automatically using API or manually using Streaming Server and Key.

  • Using API: Click Connect to YouTube Events. If you are signed in to a Google account, choose your channel, and Castr will connect automatically. Go back to Castr and choose an event, add title and description then click Create Platform.

  • Using RTMP Server and Key: Get the stream server and key from YouTube.

In the streaming dashboard, choose YouTube > Setup with Server/Key. Paste the Key from YouTube then click Create Platform.

If you connect using the stream key, you will have to edit the stream description in YouTube's dashboard.

Tip: Castr also supports adding Custom platforms using RTMP server and key in case you want to add more than one YouTube channel.

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