1. What is Castr "Refer & Earn" Program?

  • Castr "Refer & Earn" Program offers you a way to share Castr live-streaming tool with your friends while earning commissions.

2. How to join Castr "Refer & Earn" Program?

  • Step 1: From castr.io dashboard, click on the account icon at the right top corner, then click "Refer and Earn", you will be direct to refer.castr.io

  • Step 2: Fill in the information and sign up to be Castr Referral Affiliate

  • Step 3: Log into your Referral account, on the dashboard, copy the Referral URL and share it with your friends

  • Step 4: Once your friends sign up and subscribe to one of Castr's paid plans, you will get a 30% commission on their first payment.

3. How much will I earn?

  • If you invite a new user to subscribe to our Services by sharing a Referral Link and your referral friend gets a paid monthly subscription, you will earn 30% of your friend's first payment.

4. How to cash out the commissions?

  • You will receive a pay-out on 15th each month for the previous month's commissions. (e.g. your commissions generated during January will be paid out on 15th of February)

  • The payout is generated only if the accumulated commissions for that month is over the minimum payout balance of $100.

5. FAQs

5.1 Who is eligible for "Refer & Earn" program?

All Castr users can participate in "Refer & Earn"

5.2 Can I customize my referral link?

Yes, you can! Simply click on "customize link" and enter your preferred referral link. Just keep in mind that changing your referral link will make your previous link invalid, so be mindful of making changes here.

5.3 How to track how many friends I referred?

  • On the dashboard, you can see how many friends have already signed up and upgraded their accounts

  • Clicks are those who click on your referral link

  • Referrals and Customers are all paid users who signed up with your link

  • Unpaid earnings are the amount of commission you generated that month but not yet paid out to you.

5.4 Will my referred friend earn anything?

No. At the moment, this program only rewards the referrer.

Looking for more details? Check out "Refer & Earn" Program Terms & Conditions

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