First thing first, you need to be the admin of the Facebook group you are streaming to for Castr to connect successfully. You can connect and set up Castr to stream live to your Facebook Timeline, Pages, or Groups.

How to Add Castr App to Your Facebook Group

After you have successfully connect Castr with Facebook, you might need to have an extra setup step of adding Castr App to the group you want to send your stream to.

  1. In the Facebook group, go to the group settings

  2. Find the Advanced Settings > Apps at the end of the settings page

3. Click on the edit button > Add app

4. Search for Castr in the search box

5. Click on Castr's icon and complete the adding process

You've finished adding and giving permission for Castr to start a new livestream in your group. If you need further help, please contact our 24/7 support.

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