Before you begin

Make sure you have the RTSP URL of your IP camera ready. RTSP stands for Real-time Streaming Protocol, a protocol used to stream videos in real time.

An RTSP URL helps transmit video data from your IP camera to Castr or directly to a media player like VLC or QuickTime.

An RTSP URL example would look like this:


RTSP URLs for IP cameras are not usually standardized; so it depends on the manufacturer. Most of the time you can find your RTSP URL on the camera’s user manual. Another way to find out your RTSP stream URL is contacting your provider’s customer support team.

How to connect IP camera to Castr

  1. Creating a new IP camera project in Castr
  2. Paste your RTSP URL to the Camera Source
  3. Save

Preview your stream

Once Castr connects to the RTSP of your camera, your live feed will start playing in the preview player on the left.

Stream to social media

To stream to any social media, click Add Platform > choose your preferred destination


Paste your iframe snippet onto your website to embed the IP camera stream.

Embed URL

Share this URL to your users to give direct access to your IP camera feed.

Record streams in the cloud

On the top menu bar, go to VOD EPISODES > Enable Cloud Recording

You can preview and download a specific segment of your stream in MP4 format.

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