With Castr VOD Hosting, you can upload MP4 files, get an HTML5 player and the embed URL to stream your videos on OTT delivery platforms such as Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and more.

Video hosting is available is all of Castr's All-in-one plans, please see our Pricing page for more details.

Host video on demand on Castr

  1. Log in to Castr Dashboard
  2. On the top of the dashboard, go to the Video Hosting tab
  3. Create a New Folder > Save
  4. In the new folder, click New to start adding videos:
  • Upload new video: Upload a video file from your device
  • Cloud import: Import a video file from Google Drive or Dropbox

Get embed URL and iFrame code snippet

Once the video is uploaded successfully, click the Dropdown button. You will find the embed URL and iFrame snippet, and other details of your video file.

Note: You will need to contact us (via Live Chat support) to get an HLS URL enabled for your account. HLS URL is only available in 2TB and 2TB+ plans.

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