Now users can send there pre-recorded/scheduled video live to their website & social media on a specific date & time.

They can also choose to make sure the video runs 24x7 via infinite loop feature (available only from Broadcast Infinity plan onwards)

Requirements - 

  1. Broadcast Pack - choose the plan which suits you best based on the scheduler file size 
  2. Live Streaming CDN plan - any plan

Setup Scheduler - 

Create > new scheduler

One can upload only 1 file and can have only 1 scheduler active across all plans
One can choose the add the platforms either in Scheduler or can add them under the live stream created

Incase the face issues with the video file -

Setting the Video to Website + Social media

  1. Set up the Scheduler 
  2. Create > new livestream
    One can find the RTMP server + Key Details as per the below picture

3. Go to scheduler > add platform > choose custom
    Enter the Server & Streaming key which you got from the livestream created
4. Keep the platform toggled ON
5. Set your preferred mode for scheduler
6. Go to livestream dashboard > add platforms > required social media sites
7. Copy the embedded url and paste it your website

That's it, bingo you are all set to go live to your website and social media.

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