With Castr Pre-Recorded Video Livestreaming, you can schedule and stream pre-recorded videos live to social media on a specific date and time. You can also choose to let your video run 24x7 with the Infinite Loop feature.

Here's how to create an All in One stream and get an embeddable stream player for your pre-recorded stream.

Step 1: Set up Pre-Recorded Streams

Go to your Castr Dashboard > Pre-Recorded Streams > New Pre-Recorded Stream > Upload your pre-recorded video.

Learn more on setting up Castr Pre-Recorded Streams here, or the Pre-Recorded Streams Trouble Shooting here.

After successfully uploading the video you can add more Publish Platforms for multistreaming.

Step 2: Set up your All in One dashboard

1. Go to the Livestreams tab > Create New > New All in One Stream

Learn more on setting up All in One Stream here

2. In the Stream Source Setup, you can find the RTMP URL and Streaming Key as below, copy the URL and Key to your clipboard

3. Open the Pre-recorded Stream you created in Step 1 > Add Publish Platform > Custom

4. Enter or paste the RTMP URL and Streaming Key from the livestream you copied above
5. Switch the toggle to ON

6. Set your preferred mode: Scheduled or Infinite Loop

You've successfully connected the Pre-recored stream with the All in One project. At the scheduled time, the stream will be delivered from the Pre-recorded stream to All in One Stream and go live on all platforms added.

Step 3: Stream the pre-recorded video to your website or social media

Go back to your All in One project

  • Stream to your website: Copy the embed URL or iFrame snippet > Paste onto your website

  • Stream to social media: You can add the social platforms here or in the Pre-recorded stream. Remember not to set the social destinations on both dashboards to avoid issues.

Click Add Publish Platform > Select your social media site(s)

That's it! You are all set to go live on your website and social media.

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