Calculation for Facebook Live Streaming and Custom RTMP Destination

You cannot use two same platforms in one single stream. If you need to stream to two same platforms (e.g. two Facebook Pages), the second one will be termed as a custom RTMP destination. This limitation applies across all created streams.


You have a Broadcast x2 plan where you are eligible to stream to 2 Facebook Pages/Groups and/or custom RMTP destinations.

If you have added 1 YouTube account and 1 Facebook Page, and wanted to add a second YouTube account, the second YouTube account will be termed as a Custom RTMP Destination.

Broadcast Basic ($9.99/month)

You can stream to your Facebook profile via API (auto-live). However, to connect to a Facebook Page or Group, you need to manually configure using the server or stream key, then click the Go Live button to start.

Learn more on how to stream from Facebook RTMP here.

Broadcast x2 ($14.99/month) and Broadcast Infinity ($39.99/month)

You can auto-livestream to Facebook profiles, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Groups via API in the Broadcast x2 and Broadcast Infinity plans.

Learn more about Castr pricing here

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