Castr Multistream Trial

A Multistream trial lets you create one stream and add up to 5 destinations/platforms.

You will get all the essential features you need to stream smoothly, including multiple ingest (RTSP, RTMP, HLS, MPEG-TS), SRT server URL, RTMP Pull source, no Castr branding, and 24/7 support for any technical issue.

On the other hand, you will need a paid plan to connect and stream to a Custom RTMP destination, a Facebook Group, or a Facebook Page.

Castr All in One Trial

The All in One 7-day trial includes all the features from the Multistream trial.

Plus, you get to try out our embeddable player for website streaming with a 5GB bandwidth limit, 500MB of Pre-recorded video streaming, and 1GB of Video Hosting.

Your trial stream player also gets other features like Paywall, Advertising, cloud recording with up to 3 days of storage, chat box, player analytics, and password protection.

Please upgrade to a paid plan to get more streaming bandwidth and other features like Adaptive Bitrate Streaming, HLS URL for streaming, extra Custom RTMP, Facebook Group, or Facebook Page destinations.

If you still have questions about our Trial plans, don't hesitate to contact Castr Support. We are happy to help!

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