Using Castr Scheduler you can upload a recorded video and schedule a live stream to multiple social media platforms. 

How Can I Stream A Pre Recorded Live Video Using Castr?

  1. Login to Castr Dashboard
  2. Click on thee Create New button located in the top right. 
  3. From the dropdown list choose New Scheduled Stream.
  4. Create a new scheduled stream by assigning stream name. 
  5. Once scheduled stream is created then in the stream dashboard click on playlist. 
  6. Click on Upload Media and upload the prerecorded video to Castr.  Note: Only MP4 files are supported now.
  7. Once Videos are upload then you can choose the Scheduling Mode accordingly, you can read more about scheduling modes here - 
  8. Once done, you and start adding platforms and the stream will go live as per your configurations.

You can refer this quick gif as a reference for this setup.

If you still have questions then you can contact us and we will help you get started. 

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