With Castr pre-recorded video streaming, you can upload a recorded video and schedule a livestream to multiple social media platforms. 

1. Log in to Castr Dashboard

2. In the top bar, select Pre-Recorded Streams 

3. Click New Pre-Recorded Stream

4. Assign a name to your new Pre-recorded stream > Save

5. In Playlist, click Upload Video > Upload your pre-recorded media from your device. Click Cloud Import to import video directly from Google Drive and Dropbox
(Note: We only support .mp4 files for now.)

Depend on your subscription, you can upload and schedule up to 15 media files or more in one stream.

6. Once the video has been uploaded, you can choose your preferred recording mode. Read more on Scheduling Modes

7. Once done, go back to DASHBOARD > Add Publish Platform. Your scheduled stream will go live as per your configurations.

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