Real-time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) has become a standard workflow often used for low-latency streaming.

Get RTMP details for livestreaming

When you create a livestream in Castr, you will get the RTMP ingest details assigned for the created stream.

  1. Open your livestream project in Castr
  2. Copy the RTMP ingest URL and Streaming Key
  3. Paste into your encoder's RTMP configuration

Note: If your encoders ask for username and password, leave the fields empty. Authentication using username and password is not required to start streaming to Castr.

Get RTMP details for multistreaming

Once you create a new multistream, Castr will provide you with a unique RTMP entry point to configure in your software or hardware encoders.

  1. Open your multistream (simulcast) project in Castr
  2. On the right side, you will find the RTMP URL and Streaming Key
  3. Copy and paste the RTMP URL to your encoder

Once the encoder is configured, you will be able to start streaming. The stream will appear in the preview section in Castr Dashboard.

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