Mixer FTL is a low latency streaming protocol, using Castr you can multistream Mixer FTL streams to other platforms.

  1. Stream directly to Mixer using your favourite streaming software
  2. Create a new stream in Castr
  3. In the stream settings page change your stream mode from Publish to Pull
  4. Once you switch to Pull mode, you will be able to see an option called "Restreaming Mixer FTL?" , please click "Get Mixer Pull URL" and enter your Mixer username. 
  5. Once you enter Mixer username, click Grab Mixer Pull URL and click on save.
  6. If you are live on Mixer then stream will show up in Castr
  7. Now you can add platforms and restream mixer FTL to other platforms. 

Basically we will be grabbing live video from Mixer and sent it to other platforms.

Once the stream is done, please disable the stream is Castr, because Castr will try to connect to the source even when it's dead which might result in creation of small chunks of videos in YouTube. I suggest you to disable YouTube platforms once you are done with streaming.

If you are facing any issues then hit us up via live chat.

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