Wirecast is one the most commonly used broadcasting software, by following the steps below you can easily connect Wirecast to Castr.io

Connecting Wirecast:

  1. Open Wirecast

  2. Go to Output settings page in Wirecast

  3. Choose Destination as RTMP Server

  4. In the address field paste the castr ingest URL, you can get the stream URL and key by following the steps in this articles. For Simulcast - https://docs.castr.io/getting-started/get-rtmp-details-for-castr-simulcast-stream For Live Stream - https://docs.castr.io/getting-started/get-castr-live-stream-rtmp-ingest-configuration

  5. In Stream field paste the stream key, press enter once you paste the stream key to the stream field. 

  6. Make sure the location field in Wirecast shows the full URL path.

  7. You are all set to go live from Wirecast.


  1. If you experience issue with the stream quality, you may set your encoder preset to this

2. Sometimes wirecast use to add an empty space at the end of the stream when you copy the stream key from Castr, If wirecast is unable to connect to Castr then please check for empty spaces at the end of the Address and the stream key.

Here is a small gif which shows the setup:

If you are still facing issues then hit us up via live chat.

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